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  • Succinct and effective thanks to readily available toolbox meetings
  • A wide range of topics
  • Can be personalised to your needs

Description and purpose of the training course

A toolbox meeting is the ideal method to quickly and efficiently inform a large group of employees about a particular aspect within the organisation, for example regarding safety. In fact, in many industry sectors it is legally required to organise toolbox meetings more than once a year.

A toolbox meeting enables you the bring an important topic to the attention of your staff, or re-emphasise a topical issue, within a short space of time.


Boels Training has readily available toolbox meetings covering a wide range of useful topics; for example a toolbox meeting about a specific machine that is used regularly in your organisation such as an aerial work platform, telescopic handler or forklift. Or a toolbox focusing on general safety at the workplace, personal protective equipment or working in a dust-free environment. In consultation with you, we determine the exact theme and the topics to be covered.


  • A large variety of topics can be addressed
  • Can be personalised to your needs


You have a choice of two types of toolbox meetings:

Boels Toolbox - Self Service
You can choose from a selection of over 200 topics. We provide you with a comprehensive presentation package, including any tips for the person presenting.  You can then organise this toolbox at any time convenient to you. Naturally, you are free to hold the toolbox internally more than once, or to repeat the toolbox for your staff.

Boels Toolbox - Expert
You can choose from a selection of over 200 topics. Our trainer takes care of organising and presenting this toolbox from A to Z, which takes 2 hours at the most, at a time and location convenient to you. After the toolbox meeting, you will receive a digital version which you are free to use internally.

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Note: a toolbox meeting is never a replacement for legally compulsory training courses, or for instructions to operate machines or general safety training.

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Practical information


Group session at your site


Depending on topic

Maximum group size:

Unlimited, in principle, depending on the space available and facilities present

Admission requirements:



Based on attendance list



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