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Lifting & Materials Handling  

For hoisting and lifting equipment, horizontal and vertical transport: The industrial rental specialist

The Boels Lifting & Materials Handling (LM) branches focus on renting equipment to industrial maintenance contractors.

The Boels LM rental fleet is completely geared to the requirements of these companies and includes a wide assortment of professional hoisting and lifting gear, such as tackles, lightweight gantry cranes, machinery toe jacks and vacuum units.

Quality and safety

All Boels LM branches are VCA (Contractors' Safety Checklist) certified. Our rental products are always inspected in accordance with the current statutory European Directives and tested by specially trained and qualified personnel. On request, Boels can also inspect and test hoisting equipment owned by our customers on site or in our workshops. Boels LM branches have their own workshop equipped with a tension testing machine (for capacities up to 32 tonnes). Inspection certificates can be provided on request. Your safety obviously comes first. Besides hoisting and lifting equipment, Boels also rents out a wide range of fall-protection products in order to be able to offer the right personal protection equipment for your kind of work. For example, the temporary lifeline that prevents you falling from any height, and the tripod that enables to descend safely in a confined space.

Custom solutions

Boels LM branches also offer equipment geared entirely to your specific wishes and requirements. For example, an assortment of hand-held, electric and pneumatic pulley sets with lifting heights up to 150 metres. We also rent out a wide range of accessories, such as beam clamps, crane trolleys, fasteners, hoisting straps and round slings.
One-stop shopping

Boels LM branches also rent out the standard Boels assortment. With your Boels contact, you make the arrangements for your project's entire equipment requirement, enabling you to continue to focus on your core activities.

Click here for the contact details of your nearest LM branch.

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The benefits

  • Modern and wide range of products
  • VCA certified
  • Advice and custom products
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