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Total package for 15,574 solar panels

Sunprojects deploys Boels Rental total package for construction of large-scale solar park

There is a lot involved in developing a solar park. Sunprojects develops the innovative parks throughout the Netherlands from planning to implementation. For a new project that will be completed in the first quarter of 2021 in Eerbeek, Sunprojects once again entered into a collaboration with Boels Rental to realise the construction. This collaboration is mainly characterised by the single point of contact by Boels Rental from its Haarlem branch. The extensive cooperation is coordinated by one contact person, to be able to switch quickly and keep communication clear and transparent for the client.

About the collaboration

The project in Eerbeek will generate 6MW of solar energy once it is up and running. This will be able to provide 1,750 households with power. During this project, Boels Rental was called in to supply the most diverse machines, from telehandlers to aerial work platforms and from brush cutters to forklift trucks.

For Sunprojects, the service they are used to from Boels Rental is of great value, Anna Lambrechts (Head of Inside Sales and Purchasing at Sunprojects): "Especially with our large projects, the logistics of products and machines is of crucial importance. That is why both the extensive supply of, and the good contact with Boels Rental are so important. When machines break down or need to be repaired or replaced, Boels Rental's service is good and fast. Even when it turns out during construction that other or additional equipment is needed. The product range of Boels Rental is so large that we always have the right material, even when machines with caterpillar/tank tracks are needed. The logistics must be right and it is important to be well supported in this."

About the project

Solar Green Point and Brummen Energie developed and operate the solar park. The project is built on a former landfill site, the ideal spot for a large-scale solar park. In order to make the extensive area suitable for the placement of solar panels, thorough modifications were required. Boels Rental's machines and materials were used to make this happen. The entire work area was fenced off. Excavators made the ground suitable for construction. Ramps, aggregates, site huts and toilet units were placed to make the area accessible to the workers. With the help of various telescopic handlers, aerial work platforms, forklift trucks and ladder lifts, 15,574 solar panels were then mounted on site. 

About the process 

Boels Rental was called in for this project after the concrete need for hiring machines and equipment had been mapped out. Because Sunprojects and Boels Rental have worked together for many years, the Boels Rental account managers are now well acquainted with the working method. Marco van Wonderen is one of those account managers: "Sunprojects' projects are often major logistical challenges and are carried out throughout the country, from Groningen to Heerlen. Our branches are also spread across the country, which means we can always deliver according to the agreement. We are also aware that some machines and materials are in a greater demand and that others need to be delivered at the same time. By making clear agreements, we are able to plan well and always deliver on time." 

For a major logistical challenge such as the construction of this large-scale solar park, it is especially important for Sunprojects to have short and clear lines of communication with Boels Rental and to be able to rely on a solid collaboration. Anna Lambrechts adds: "Working with one contact person from Boels is extremely pleasant and efficient. The account manager is aware of the entire process and any additional questions. This allows us to switch quickly. Boels works and delivers according to agreements and with great speed. We are extremely satisfied with the collaboration with Boels; they really deliver on their promises." 

Which specialisms of Boels are active during this project?

- Machine rental for various types of excavators, aerial platforms and forklift trucks
- Site Preparation for fences, road plates and aggregates
- Site Accommodation for toilet facilities

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