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Strength through collaboration

Large-scale reconstruction Nederrijn bridge

The Nederrijn bridge on the A50 motorway – an important link in the (inter)national north-south traffic corridor in the Netherlands - is currently undergoing large-scale reconstruction. Main contractor Mourik Infra B.V. (including Vogel B.V. and Vogel Kathodische Bescherming B.V.) and Brabotech B.V. sought cooperation with Boels immediately after the project was awarded.

Because Boels became involved in the renovation of the Nederrijn bridge from very early on, all the specialist disciplines within Boels could be used. For example, Boels invested in a construction with steel scaffolding; necessary due to the real chance of high water levels in the Nederrijn river during winter. In addition, aerial work platforms have also been installed and Boels still supplies tools and equipment to the contractors on the construction site on a daily basis. Boels removes all the burden from Mourik Infra in that sense.

The area account manager for Boels, plays an important role in the project. He maintains close contact with the client and communicates with all departments at Boels that are involved with the project, thus ensuring efficient internal collaboration and the ability to respond quickly to changing needs. If problems do arise -or perhaps especially when they do- Boels does everything it can to help the client find the right solution. Boels does this with heart and soul, so that all parties can look back with pride at a strong collaboration and a fantastic end result.

The Nederrijn bridge project

The Nederrijn bridge is undergoing a major renovation to guarantee its (structural) safety for years to come. The bridge consists of two bridge sections, each with two drilled shaft bridge foundations. Possible damage to concrete on the exterior of the bridge, as well as in the pillars and in the four drilled shaft bridge foundations, will be repaired. The project should be completed and delivered within six months. The Nederrijn bridge should be fully operational again by May 2020.

What specialist areas of Boels are used during the Nederrijn Bridge project?

  • Machine rental including aerial work platforms, generators and complete power supply sources
  • Site preparation for fencing and scaffolding equipment, among others
  • Site Accommodation for two unit set-ups: unit park 1 for staff, unit park 2 for construction
  • Lifting & Materials handling for e.g. winches
  • Construction lifts for passenger and goods lifts
  • Geo & Safety for two-way communication, etc.
  • IQ-Pass, part of Boels for professional access control management
  • Prof Guard, part of Boels for surveillance cameras
  • Boels Training for IPAF training ‘Working safely and effectively with aerial work platforms’

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