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100% sustainable, 100% electric rental solution

Boels supplies zero-emission machines to Belgian scale-up

Belgian company Aerocircular disassembles aircrafts for recycling and up-cycling, and only works with zero-emission machines from Boels. In doing so, it embraces a fully sustainable, zero-emission rental solution.

Every part of an aircraft, down to the very last bolt, is recycled or cleverly reused by Aerocircular. Cockpits, for instance, are transformed into flight simulators and materials from the fuselage are used in the secondary raw materials chain. 

100% electric rental equipment

Aerocircular strives for 100% circularity and sustainable end-of-life solutions. By extension, it chooses only to use electrical machines for dismantling aircrafts. After all, electrical machines do not emit CO2 and nitrogen and therefore contribute to a cleaner environment. The collaboration has two major reasons, namely the wide range of electrical machines that Boels offers and the fact that all the required rental equipment can be hired in one place. 

Lorenzo De Block, Area Account Manager at Boels: “It's not often that we receive a request for a fully sustainable rental solution. An opportunity we grabbed with both hands, because our electric rental fleet is broad and extensive. That's something not many businesses know about Boels.”

What does Boels supply to Aerocircular?

Boels supplies a wide assortment of its electrical rental range to Aerocircular, from electrically driven aerial work platforms, forklifts and hoisting equipment to compressors and shockproof lamps. Several divisions within Boels are involved in the project. Coordination takes place from the Boels depot in Ostend.

Zero-emission: clean, sustainable and low in maintenance

“Machines powered by electricity require very little maintenance. This means fewer maintenance stops that can disrupt the work temporarily. In case a machine does break down, we can respond very quickly to replace the machine. That too is part of Boels’ rock-solid service,” says Lorenzo De Block.

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