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Specialist concrete sawing job for Kennedytunnel upgrade

3 kilometres of concrete sawing work in just 100 hours

When a huge concrete cutting job needs to be completed in a short time, it's essential to plan well, have enough people on the job and use the right equipment. In the Kennedytunnel from Antwerp to Ghent, JNS Betonboringen was contracted by Besix to take care of this specialist concrete sawing job. The railway tunnel is being upgraded and the cable ducts had to be replaced over a length of 3 kilometres. JNS Betonboringen sawed off these cable ducts in concrete that is 20 cm thick. In addition to the eight wall saws it already owned, the concrete drilling specialist hired another nine wall saws from Boels Rental to get this enormous job done.

About the project
It took JNS Betonboringen just two years to grow from a one-man business to the largest drilling and sawing firm in Belgium, currently employing 40 staff. Jo Vanaerdewegh, general manager of JNS Betonboringen: “We work on the biggest projects for large contractors, but also for private customers. The project in the Kennedy tunnel was a job we did for Besix. In just 100 hours, we had to saw off cable ducts through 20 cm thick concrete and over a length of 3 kilometres. To finish this massive project in the short time available, we worked for 50 hours straight on two weekends. The railway tracks in the tunnel posed an extra challenge for us because the only way we could transport people, machines and materials was on rail wagons. Thankfully we had enough staff and the right equipment to finish the project according to plan.” 

About the cooperation
Despite owning its own equipment, some specific and large-scale projects in particular require JNS Betonboringen to deploy extra equipment and machines. Jo Vanaerdewegh: “For the Kennedytunnel we hired nine additional wall saws from Boels. We regularly work with Boels because of their extensive range and availability of professional equipment we need for our jobs.” In order to cut through the concrete with a thickness of 20 cm, JNS Betonboringen chose the powerful Husqvarna high-frequency wall saw on rails. This saw is perfect for cutting into brick and reinforced concrete.

Boels Concrete Care
Our Concrete Care department is a relatively new specialist department that has the latest equipment and the most suitable machines for processing concrete, whether that's for breaking, drilling, roughening, sanding, grinding, stripping or cleaning concrete. In addition to offering a wide range of specialist equipment, we also share our knowledge and expertise on the applications and use of the machines. Jo Vanaerdewegh: “We work very closely with Raymond de Groot, Product Manager of Concrete Care and Depot Manager at Boels Aalst and Dendermonde. He always gives us the proper advice and makes sure we can use the right machines very quickly.”

Which specialist area of Boels was used on this project?

  • Boels Concrete Care offers every kind of solution for concrete and floor maintenance work. 

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