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Boels total package used for renovation of Tilburg Municipal Office

Renovation of the Tilburg Municipal Office is currently under way in the city centre. The building is getting a royal touch, as it will form one whole with the adjacent Palace Town Hall that was built around 1848 for none other than King Willem II. Boels is total supplier of all the rental equipment for this sustainable renovation project.

Boels supplies zero-emission machines to Belgian scale-up

Belgian company Aerocircular disassembles aircrafts for recycling and up-cycling, and only works with zero-emission machines from Boels. In doing so, it embraces a fully sustainable, zero-emission rental solution.

Boels lifts construction of the world’s most modern paper factory to great heights

In the German town of Sandersdorf-Brehna, construction is in full swing on the world's most modern paper factory. Boels is closely involved with every phase of the project. In order to be able to build the production halls measuring 35 metres in height and a length of 450 metres, the rental company has supplied a wide variety of aerial work platforms.

Custom zero-emission rental solution

More and more companies are noticing an upturn in demand for working and building sustainably. Not just because clients are requesting this specifically in their tenders, but also because companies themselves want to contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. Investing in a completely new line of zero-emission machines, however, is expensive. The solution is to rent. And Boels is the ideal rental partner.

Large-scale reconstruction Nederrijn bridge

The Nederrijn bridge on the A50 motorway – an important link in the (inter)national north-south traffic corridor in the Netherlands - is currently undergoing large-scale reconstruction. Main contractor Mourik Infra B.V. (including Vogel B.V. and Vogel Kathodische Bescherming B.V.) and Brabotech B.V. sought cooperation with Boels immediately after the project was awarded.

One Stop Shopping and Solar

Solar Weekend is surely one of the most creative festivals in the Netherlands. The multi-faceted event takes place once a year in Roermond. Again in 2019, for the ninth year running, the organisation was able to build upon the expertise of Boels Rental. Thanks to the close cooperation between the international rental company and the organisers of Solar, and of course also the fantastic programme, the more than 32,000 visitors enjoyed a wonderful festival weekend.

Powerful solution for urgent heating problem

A large corporation contacted Boels One Call last winter to see if Boels was able to help with heating the office building. The regular heater had broken down and a temporary solution was urgently needed.

Sustainable Graz is ready for a green future

In an era in which we increasingly experience the effects of climate change, sustainable initiatives are more important than ever. Helios is a good example of this. This Austrian project – unique in Europe – combines heat from solar energy and landfill gas with extensive storage capacity. A complex project which, among other things, required the construction of a major solar thermal energy installation with solar panels covering an area of 2,000 m2. The energy generated by the installation is transferred directly into the city heating network in Graz.


The mine complex in Beringen (Belgium) covers 100,000 m2, making it the largest industrial heritage site in Flanders. Under the name of be-MINE, 32 hectares will be redeveloped to create an area for residential homes, businesses, shops and leisure facilities. Two construction companies, Van Roey Groep and Democo, have set up a trade association called THV Mijnbouw specially for this ten-year project. Their rental partner is Boels Rental.

Construction of apartment complex in Valkenswaard (NL)

For the construction of a modern apartment complex in Valkenswaard, in the Dutch province of Brabant, boilers were needed, among other equipment, to dry the concrete and screed floors quickly and effectively. The complex consists of a total of 38 apartments. In six of these, the floors have already been dried with the help of three 22 kW mobile boilers. The contractor for the project, Bots Bouwgroep, knew which specialised party it could trust: its reliable partner, Boels Rental.

Boels equipment used for supermarket alterations

When making alterations to supermarkets, construction company Fried van de Laar uses the equipment supplied by its regular equipment rental partner: Boels Rental.

Placing and connecting a new section to the Noorderbrug in Maastricht

The new Noorderbrug section was connected to the existing bridge structure in Maastricht (the Netherlands) in August 2017. The contractor responsible for this project, Strukton Civiel Projecten B.V., used Boels Rental equipment to ensure that this impressive operation was completed in just two weeks.

A project according to the book

The project for refurbishing and renewing all the train station platforms at Venlo-Blerick (the Netherlands) had been won on a tight deadline and subject to strict conditions. So the customer, Knipscheer Rail-Infra B.V., needed a supplier of rental equipment that was capable of performing optimally under time pressure.

Boels shines its light on work in the Westerscheldetunnel

During the night of Tuesday 30 May and the early hours of Wednesday 31 May 2017, the Westerscheldetunnel (the Netherlands) was completely closed to traffic to allow annual maintenance and renovation work. Time was an important factor: Westerscheldetunnel Maintenance only had six hours to get the job done. Challenging? Yes, but not unachievable. The equipment and logistic plan provided by Boels Rental made it possible to achieve the desired result before the deadline.

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