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Zero emission rental solution? Boels Rental is your partner

When it concerns machine electrification, things are developing very fast at Boels. There is continuous investment in new equipment fitted with electric motors. Fully electric equipment doesn't emit any CO2, nitrogen and particulate matter while in operation. This is called zero…

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Rent to save the climate

The 7 r’s of a circular economy The Paris Climate Change Agreement states the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. One way of achieving this goal is through circular economy. It is a broad concept, which can be explained best…

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5 reasons to rent equipment now

Measures against the spread of the coronavirus are extended throughout Europe. The virus puts us all for challenges, including the construction industry. The time is not ripe for large investments in, for example, new machinery. Renting, however, is the perfect…

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Fuel of the future is called GTL

Boels is partner in the Shell GTL development project Boels currently fuels a large part of its machinery fleet with Gas To Liquid (GTL), a liquid fuel made from natural gas. GTL is a synthetic diesel that can replace regular…

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Rental and sustainability go hand in hand

The European Rental Association (ERA) has initiated a study into the effects of rental on the environment. The study reveals that hiring machines, when compared to permanent ownership of the same machines, reduces CO2 emissions and therefore contributes to a…

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