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07 July 2021

The construction sector is slowly transitioning towards a sustainable approach with the aim of collectively reducing CO2 emissions. But this transition could go faster. A massive reduction of the carbon footprint can be achieved by using zero emission equipment. However, purchasing expensive zero emission equipment is not an option for many companies. Renting offers the solution here. You can avoid high purchase costs and have zero emission equipment at your disposal whenever you want. Boels Rental has the largest range of emission reducing and zero emission equipment in Europe and is happy to offer a rental solution that suits your needs.

The challenge of a zero emission construction site 

When it comes to construction sites in particular, companies are moving too slowly towards sustainability. It appears that this requires a large investment in the purchase of electric construction equipment. Due to high development costs and shortages, the purchase price of zero emission equipment is considerably higher than that of conventional equipment. But why settle for expensive purchase costs as well as additional costs for maintenance, depreciation, repairs and insurance? You also have the option of only paying for the time that you actually need the equipment. Renting is an economical and environmentally friendly way of making efficient use of construction equipment. You decide which equipment you want to use and at what time. By renting, you have access to an extensive arsenal of zero emission equipment from an up-to-date product range.

Consolidating the demand for zero emission equipment

As with purchasing, renting zero emission equipment is currently still more expensive than renting conventional equipment. Of course, this is also a question of supply and demand. Prices depend on the extent to which the equipment can be used. The more efficiently the equipment can be used, the lower the price. So when the demand for zero emission equipment increases, prices fall. Optimising the use of equipment does not necessarily mean that it is less available. Boels believes in the future of zero emission equipment and is therefore investing heavily in its zero emission fleet. By choosing to purchase in large quantities, we are consolidating the demand for zero emission equipment. We are creating a greater demand, making the production of zero emission equipment more attractive. As a Boels client, you will naturally benefit from this. 

Building sustainably with Boels

Boels closely monitors all innovations in the field of sustainability and is making major investments in zero emission equipment. By providing specialised electrical equipment or expert advice, Boels is committed to helping you build more sustainably.

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