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19 July 2021

Electrification does not stop for medium-sized equipment either

In the future, customers will no longer accept the use of fuel-driven equipment. That time is much closer than anticipated. There are already contractors who are including the use of zero emission equipment in their tenders. A positive development, because the electrification of construction equipment is well under way and is continuing to develop at a steady pace. Electrification does not stop for medium-sized equipment either. These 7 electric machines serve as clear confirmation of that:

1 Telehandler, 2.5 tonnes, battery-powered

Boels is the first company to offer this battery-powered 2.5 tonne telehandler. The battery-operated telehandler has as much power as a conventional telehandler. With a maximum lifting height of 6 metres, the telehandler is truly versatile. A 24kWh Li-on battery gives the machine enough power to last throughout the entire working day.

2 Wheel loader, 2.2 tonnes, battery-powered

The 2.2 tonne battery-powered wheel loader is one of Boels' most popular zero emission machines. It is so popular that Boels recently purchased 8 more. This compact and powerful 2.2 tonne battery-powered wheel loader is remarkably manoeuvrable and stable. The machine is also available with a fold-down safety roof. This allows work to be carried out in buildings, tunnels and under viaducts of up to 2 metres in height.

3 Motorised wheelbarrow, 0.45 tonnes, battery-powered

This compact, motorised wheelbarrow makes an easier job of moving soil, rubble or stones. The power that this machine has will amaze you. You can work for 1 to 3 days on a single battery charge, depending on the intensity of use. The 0.45 tonne battery-powered motorised wheelbarrow has four-wheel drive for smooth and easy handling. Uneven terrain and hills are no problem at all. Narrow passage? Simply turn the wheels and it will fit through a standard doorway just like a normal wheelbarrow. Available with a tipper container and flatbed. 

4 Excavator, 1.9 tonnes, battery-powered

This 1.9 tonne battery-powered excavator rivals similar diesel machines when it comes to performance. Thanks to the latest Li-ion technology, you can work up to 5 hours on one full battery charge under normal conditions. If you use a quick charger, it can easily last an entire working day. After just 1 hour, the battery is already charged 80%. And since the excavator comes standard with a canopy, you will always stay dry.

5 Wheel loader, 4.3 tonnes, battery-powered

This is the big brother of the 2.2 tonne battery-powered wheel loader. The 4.3 tonne wheel loader has all the advantages of a battery-powered machine as well as the power of its diesel-driven counterpart. You can safely entrust it with all the heavy-duty work: the wheel loader has a high lifting capacity (1750 kg) and tipping load. The 4.3 tonne version also has an articulated chassis, making the wheel loader extremely manoeuvrable yet compact.


6 Demolition robot 22 kW 400V

Faster, safer and zero emission demolition is now possible with this demolition robot 22kW 400V. Major demolition and dismantling jobs can be carried out in a controlled and safe manner with this powerful machine because the operator remains at a safe distance. The 22kW 400V demolition robot has the same capacity as an 8 tonne demolition crane. The machine comes with a variety of accessories such as a sorting grapple, metal or concrete shears, concrete cutter and various chisels. Is this demolition robot too big? Boels also offers a 15kW 400V version with the same capacity as a 3.5 tonne demolition crane.

7 Site carrier, 4WD, electric

From A to B on an infrastructure project, this 4-seater site carrier gets the job done in no time. Thanks to its 4x4 drive, this 100% electric powered site carrier rides smoothly even through sand or over rough road surfaces. It is also equipped with low gearing for extremely strong traction. Extra convenient: the site carrier includes a tow bar for towing trailers and machines up to 1500 kg. 

Zero emission large equipment
The transition to zero emission has also started for larger machines (>20 tonnes). Development is slower and serial production of heavy electric machines is not yet under way. However, prototype tests are being conducted to explore whether retrofitting could help speed up development. It will be some time before we have completely zero emission construction sites. Until then, a significant amount of emissions can be saved by choosing to rent, using the electric equipment from this list and with smart transportation and construction logistics.

Be prepared for green tenders with Boels
Choosing to rent instead of buy helps companies accelerate their transition to zero emission construction. At Boels, we help you build more sustainably. We aim for partnerships in sustainability with every single client – from green rental solutions to knowledge and bespoke advice. Your specific issue is at the very heart of this. Want to know your options for zero emissions operations today? Call your local depot or ask your account manager for advice.

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