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13 July 2021

It's almost summer, which means beautiful weather and lots of fun in the sun. But working outside on hot days or during a heat wave requires extra precautions. There are risks to consider when you or your staff are on a job in the full sun. To keep cool this summer, you can choose from our wide range of equipment including air-conditioned site huts, chillers, fans or air pressure gauges. And we'd also like to share some tips with you, so your staff can work safely and comfortably on every job site. 


1. Provide enough shade

Working outside on hot days takes its toll on our bodies and can even be harmful due to the sun's heat and ultraviolet (UV) rays. When we are no longer able to regulate the internal heat balance, our body temperature rises. This can cause all kinds of physical discomfort, heat exhaustion and even heat stroke. That's why it is so important to avoid working directly in the sunshine wherever possible.

Sometimes you don't have an option, so you should at least offer your staff a cool place to rest during breaks, for example in an air-conditioned site hut. Boels Climate Control offers professional solutions for these kinds of situations. A select number of branches offer the Climate Control specialism. They have all the knowledge and expertise when it comes to climate solutions within the standard product range at Boels Rental.

2. How to work with machines in the sun

Especially on hot days, being able to work in cooler places can be a huge relief. But you don't always have that luxury when using machines on (construction) projects. There is a whole range of machines in our fleet with a roof or closed cab, giving your driver the cooling comfort of shade or air conditioning. We also recommend working in the full sun for very short periods. Starting earlier in the day, taking extra breaks and drinking plenty of water are other ways to prevent heat-related health problems. 

3. Keeping it cool with ventilation

Ensuring proper ventilation inside keeps the temperature cooler when it's hot outside. When a building or workspace doesn't have an air-conditioning system or good ventilation, a fan can temporarily offer relief. Our industrial fans are ideal for ventilating large indoor spaces up to 50,000 m³/hour. We also offer various types of industrial fans and radial ventilators for smaller spaces. Another idea is installing chillers in combination with air handler units to ensure a constantly perfect indoor working temperature. All chillers in our rental assortment are extremely quiet and environmentally friendly.

At Boels Power & HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning), you can rely on specialist knowledge and expertise for temporary power and climate solutions. That way your employees can keep their cool this summer.

4. Prevent dangerous situations due to reduced alertness

It's not just the heat that creates extra challenges in hot weather. The air pressure and humidity can also cause discomfort. Your staff become less alert and can lose concentration, which may lead to dangerous situations. To measure is to know. Measuring the air quality is one way of determining whether the working conditions are safe. You can hire our IAQ probe including Lux sensor, for instance, to measure the air quality at the construction site. 

5. Be prepared for summer storms

After sunshine comes...rain and thunderstorms! These are weather changes you also need to be ready for. Strong winds, downpours and thunderstorms can cause havoc and dangerous conditions, particularly when working at height. That is why it is always important to work safely and sensibly.

Equipment and machines all have their own restrictions for use in windy conditions that must be strictly observed. Wind speeds can be measured most accurately using a wind meter or anemometer, which we offer in our ”Survey and Laser” range. Always measure the wind speed at working height, because the wind speed may be different from ground level.

Every situation, volatile weather conditions and different locations demand customised solutions. We're always here to help you find the right solution for your challenges and needs this summer, so you can keep a cool head!




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