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23 November 2020

5 questions to Frederik van der Vinne, Project Manager at Boels Rental

What can you tell about the project?
Due to great growth of the city of Groningen, the old southern ring road is at risk of becoming too clogged up. The ‘Ring-Zuid’ project is a large-scale reconstruction of up to 12 kilometres of ring road. It is one of the most important gateways to the city, improving accessibility, traffic flow, quality of life and safety. Six contractors, under the name ‘Combinatie Herepoort’, are working on this major project.

What is unique about this project?
The way in which the Southern Ring Road is being constructed and the idea of the Parkway is special. As a driver, you will not have the impression that you are driving on a motorway. The Parkway is designed in such a way that trees and a big green area are placed along the inside of the noise barriers and the road. In order to realise this, there is a demand for a wide variety of machines and equipment. That is where Boels comes in.

What is the exact rental demand?
There is a demand for not only large, but also small equipment. For the construction of the ring road, various earthmoving machines are at work, including compaction rollers, wheel loaders and plate compactors. Adaptations to the surroundings are also required, such as pruning trees, moving overhead wires and adapting viaducts. Since Boels has a wide range of products, we can respond to any customer demand, to meet these needs.

How does the collaboration with Boels work?
The customer chose Boels because of its good service, wide range of equipment and reputation for safety. In addition to being a generalist, we are also a specialist and have the knowledge to assist the contractors as an expert partner in large projects and to take a lot off their hands. As Project Manager, it is my job to coordinate the entire project. In addition, to provide the client with all of the machines that they require, there is a good and intensive cooperation with the branch in Groningen, the HUB in Zwolle and other specialist departments.

How long does the project run?
Work started on the southern ring road in 2018. It is planned that the project will be completed in 2024.

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