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02 September 2020

5 questions to Coen Goethals (Commercial Manager Boels Power & HVAC)

What can you tell us about this project?
The customer, a well-known online printing company, was searching for a cooling solution for its production hall. That hall is full of printers whose electronic components should not get warmer than 27°C. If they do, the printers will malfunction and the entire production process will come to a standstill. Of course that is something you want to avoid!

What is unique about this project?
The hall in which the printing company is located is a former logistics hall. Cooling was not taken into account when it was built. As soon as the temperatures outside exceed 24°C, the temperature in the hall quickly rises to 27 or 28°C. This is a recurring problem every summer. That is why we advised the customer to consider a semi-permanent solution.

What solution did Boels deliver?
We are working with perforated air distribution hoses in this hall. These were made to measure for the customer and are permanently suspended. During the summer months, we add a 200 kW cooling machine that produces cold water. A few separate airhandlers convert this cold water into cold air and blow up to 36,000 m3 of this cool air through the hoses per hour. This allows the hall to maintain a temperature below the required 27°C as long as the outside temperature is at or below 35°C.

What else was Boels able to contribute?
The hall is 10 metres high, but only the bottom 4 metres are used. We suspended the air distribution hoses at 5 metres, meaning that a lower cooling capacity is needed, approximately half. This efficient cooling method dramatically reduces consumption costs. We calculated that this alone saves the customer €812 per week in power.

What is Boels Power & HVAC?
Boels Power & HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) evolved as a result of the acquisition of the Belgian company Racor by Boels Rental. As a specialist in the field of temporary power and climate control installations, we mainly focus on construction, industry, logistics and events. Our technical specialists create a customised plan for each client. We take care of all the installation, maintenance, fuel management and disassembly activities for the installation, making sure the customer never has to worry about a thing.

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