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05 June 2020

When it concerns machine electrification, things are developing very fast at Boels. There is continuous investment in new equipment fitted with electric motors. Fully electric equipment doesn't emit any CO2, nitrogen and particulate matter while in operation. This is called zero emission.

Large zero emission fleet

Bas voor den Dag, Manager Fleet Investments & Procurement: “Every month we’re expanding our range of electrical and battery powered machines. We do this because we believe in the development of these types of machines. But also because we’re seeing a steady increase in the demand for zero emission machines.

Boels’ range of zero emission machines is one of the largest of the European Rental market. Whether you need a scissor lift, wheel loader or excavator. Or lighter gardening tools such as chain saws, leaf blowers and brush cutters. Boels has a zero emission option in stock.

Does a company need a machine that Boels doesn’t have in its fleet? No problem. “We always deliver and find a suitable rental solution with one of our suppliers. We are a frontrunner in offering a large battery powered fleet. And we want to stay in the lead”, says Bas voor den Dag.

Why choose zero emission machines?

“New battery technologies are developing at an incredible pace. Powerful batteries can now be manufactured that also have a longer service life”, explains Bas voor den Dag. A common assumption is that battery powered machines have less power. “Zero emission machines are certainly competition for fuel powered machines when it comes to power. Take our newest electric excavator. This excavator is less powerful while driving than a fuel powered excavator, but just as powerful while digging. And that’s what the machine’s for”.

Other advantages:

  • Suitable for indoor use, for example in tunnels or parking garages
  • No idle operation, off means off
  • No on site fuel logistics needed
  • Less maintenance needed. Which also means fewer maintenance stops and a better continuity of business processes

Higher price
Bas voor den Dag: “We have to be honest too. Zero emission machines have a higher rental price than fuel driven machines. Occasionally renting an electric or battery powered machine is expensive. But if you rent them for a longer period of time, a short lease construction is more economical”.

Expansion of the zero emission fleet
Boels is constantly expanding its electric and battery powered rental fleet. A selection from its extensive range:

Electric excavator (battery)

You can work all day on one battery charge. The electric excavator is particularly suitable for locations where there are restrictions and limits to noise levels and engine emissions. Such as residential areas and near public places. The excavator is also suited for work indoors. For all features click here. Boels has been closely involved in the development of this machine. Together with the supplier, we improved the excavator for rental and made the machine better to clean and safer to load and unload onto trucks.

Motorised wheelbarrow (battery)

Boels is the only rental company in Europe that offers this motorised wheelbarrow. It’s an extremely manoeuvrable and easy to operate 4x4 wheel dumper. Battery powered and therefore low-noise. On one battery charge you can work 1 to 3 days, depending on the intensity of use. Boels has 50 of these motorised wheelbarrows in its assortment. Click here for all features.

Electric rammers and vibratory compactors (battery)

The expansion of the range of electric vibratory plates and rammers shows that Boels listens to the market. There’s a growing demand for these rammers and compactors with lower CO2 emissions. That’s why Boels added a number of battery operated vibratory compactors with sufficient capacity for an entire working day. The electric rammer is also new and ideal for compaction in tight spaces such as trenches. Check out all features of the electric rammer here, and click here for the vibratory compactor.

Have you become curious about the performance of zero emission machines? Ask your Boels account manager for advice and visit for our full range of electric and battery powered machines.

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