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28 april 2020

Measures against the spread of the coronavirus are extended throughout Europe. The virus puts us all for challenges, including the construction industry. The time is not ripe for large investments in, for example, new machinery. Renting, however, is the perfect solution. Here are 5 reasons why:

1 Costs
The most important argument for renting is of course that you don't have any purchase costs. You also don’t have any maintenance, repair and depreciation costs.

2 Flexibility
By renting you have suitable, professional equipment at your disposal when and where it is needed. So no expensive machines that stand unused. 

3 New equipment
Rental equipment is used intensively, well maintained and regularly replaced. With an average age of 46 months, Boels' fleet is one of the youngest in the rental business. Emissions are also taken into account when purchasing new equipment. Nowadays, a 'green' alternative is available for almost every machine.

4 Logistics and transport
Rental companies arrange the timely transport of machinery you requested. Whenever and wherever you need.

5 Expert advice
When renting equipment you also profit from the knowledge of rental companies. Boels Rental works with specialized branches such as concrete processing, construction equipment or climate control. Our specialist knowledge and custom advice come free of charge and part of the rock-solid service Boels offers.

5 reasons to rent

Calculate your benefit

On short term renting is definitely the cost efficient option. It might even be the only option when cash flow is low. For long-term however it’s wise to calculate the actual costs of owning and renting equipment. The European Rental Association has developed a free useful tool for this purpose: the TCO calculator. This tool makes calculations for general construction material and specifically for wheel loaders > 15 tons, track loaders > 15 tons, wheel excavators > 15 tons and crawler excavators > 15 tons.

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