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21 February 2020

Boels is partner in the Shell GTL development project

Boels currently fuels a large part of its machinery fleet with Gas To Liquid (GTL), a liquid fuel made from natural gas. GTL is a synthetic diesel that can replace regular diesel without any issues.

There are many advantages to using GTL. First and foremost, of course, it's better for the environment. Boels also plays an important role within the development process of Shell GTL. All experiences that Boels gains in this area are shared with Shell in order to continue developing GTL further. With the implementation of the recent Stage V emission requirements for diesel engines, a ceiling seems to have been reached. Over the past 20 years, engine manufacturers have done everything in their power to reduce harmful emissions. Even more and even better seems impossible for this sector at the moment.

Fuels, on the other hand, can still be made cleaner and better. Once fuels contain fewer polluting substances and burn even better, the emissions naturally become cleaner. In this area, too, development isn't standing still and our fossil fuels have improved considerably over the years. GTL is a good example of this evolution. Boels uses GTL on a large scale for its machinery and for its customers.

The advantages of GTL in a row

  • GTL has a cleaner combustion process compared to conventional diesel from petroleum (lower emission of soot particles, particulate matter and black smoke)
  • GTL is completely biodegradable
  • GTL is odourless and colourless
  • GTL is easy to apply in existing machines and trucks with new or older diesel engines
  • Cleaner combustion makes the maintenance of engines and filter systems more efficient
  • Through cleaner combustion, the service life of engines is extended
  • GTL can be mixed with regular diesel 
  • GTL reduces engine noise by 1 to 4 decibels because it burns better
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