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Boels responds flexibly to a sustainable tomorrow

First of all, sustainability is the core of the rental concept because of the effective use of equipment and raw materials. Boels uses state-of-the-art machines that can be identified by our own Boels Evolution label. This label stands for low energy consumption and a high level of safety. By making optimum use of machines through the rental concept - sharing is the new owning - Boels makes choices as a future-driven company with a respect for people and the environment. As an image-defining company, we do everything we can to incorporate CSR into all aspects of our business operation. Hence the choice of including ISO 9001 in our specialist areas. The Boels Management System is set up according to ISO 9001.

Below is an explanation of the CSR aspects, which is subdivided in People and Planet.


Boels wants to find, engage, excite and further develop the best employees. In these endeavours, safety always comes first within the business operation. For some years now, Boels is fully SCC* certified and safety has been included as a core value. After all, Boels borrows its people from the home front. Improving the working environment, extending the safety procedures, training the staff and stimulating positive safety behaviour are just some of the aspects that Boels holds in high regard. Because of these measures, the number of unsafe situations and incidents (absenteeism / damage) has reduced in recent years.

Employee development

Boels is a renowned internship and accreditation company for forklift truck and IPAF training courses, among other things. This gives us the opportunity to internally educate, train and also further develop the skills of our own staff in the (safe) use and maintenance of machines and tools.

Staff vitality

Boels offers its employees the opportunity to exercise at any Basic Fit gym at a reduced rate. Boels wants to ensure the employees stay fit and healthy by offering gym subscriptions and through its participation in “Ontspanning door Sport (ODS)”. This organisation, the name of which means ‘Relaxation through Sport’, is committed to promoting sport, exercise and relaxation in the Limburg region. The goal is to stimulate staff to practise sports. ODS also has contracts with various sports providers that offer ODS subscriptions across the country, but it also gives employees and their families the possibility to take part in a variety of sports events. Boels ensures these healthy activities are made available not only for the vitality of the employees, but of their families (community) as well. In addition, the CFO of Boels organises a weekly cycling tour. Employees can sign up for a bike ride every Sunday. Employees can also register to take part in several amateur cycling classics. Besides sponsoring its own employees, Boels is also sponsor of the Boels – Dolmans women's elite cycling team. In its efforts, Boels aims to stimulate sport in the community.

Next to vitality, Boels focuses on the employment of people with a disadvantage on the labour market. This is done both internally and externally. You can think of companies like EMMA shoes and Vixia, which have entered into partnerships with Boels.


Instead of getting things done, Boels gets things done well. Boels is working hard on a more sustainability society. It does this by further improving the sustainability of its products and activities (e.g. the vehicle fleet, buildings, equipment), continuously enhancing the environmental performance and reducing the environmental impact. This means investing in the latest technologies on an ongoing basis with the aim, among other things, to continue to minimise the energy consumption, gas emissions and noise production caused by our machines and our branches. To that end, we have chosen energy management system ISO 50001, which is specifically aimed at accurately monitoring and minimising the energy consumption of the organisation itself. This is based on having clear and detailed insight into the energy consumption and how this energy is used. Subsequent to this detailed energy consumption overview, Boels also has in its possession a CO2-footprint certificate. At the heart of CO2 reduction within Boels is the investment in sustainable buildings. In addition, Boels ensures there is less transport, and therefore lower CO2 emissions, through its extensive branch network. Boels is also a STEK-certified installer. STEK-certified enterprises stand for quality and sustainability in the field of cooling technology.

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